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Century mats in a gym

Choosing the Best Flooring for Workout Rooms

Choosing the right mats is crucial for building an effective martial arts gym. Yet it’s somethin...
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girl kicking hanging bag on bag stand

How To Use a Puzzle Mat in Your Gym

Puzzle mats are foam flooring pieces that interlock to cover all, or certain areas, of your worko...
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Martial artists training on mat

Selecting the Right Training Mats for Martial Arts

Training in martial arts puts your body through a lot. And like any physical activity, the risk o...
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Man rolling out rollout mat

How Thick Should My Gym Flooring Be?

Having proper gym flooring in your training space isn’t only for aesthetics. Gym flooring and tra...
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martial artists on the mat

Choosing the right mats for BJJ and Judo

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo are two martial arts that require a lot of grappling, throwing, and ...
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martial artists training on mats

Opening A New Gym

Opening a new gym can be an exciting and challenging task. Choosing the right flooring for your g...
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Century Mats

Selecting the Best Training Floor Mats for Your MA Discipline

Selecting the right training floor mats is crucial when building a gym or dojo for martial arts t...
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Martial artist kicking Bob on tile mats

Century Mat Solutions Overview: What we have to offer!

Hi, I'm Blake Wientge, National Sales Manager for Century Mats. If you're reading this, you're li...
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Mats cleaning supplies

The Best Way to Clean Mats in Your Gym

Cleaning your gym mats regularly helps you maintain a safe, sanitary, and inviting workout space ...
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puzzle mats

Choosing Mats for Your 10x10 Workout Room

Home gyms and workout rooms are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. But not everyone h...
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tatami mats

Benefits of Tatami Mats for Martial Arts

Tatami refers to a style of textured mat often used in martial arts dojos and training spaces. Ta...
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gym with wall mats

A Guide to Gym Wall Mats

When you’re focused on training, you don’t want to spend your entire session worrying about wheth...
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