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Century Mat Solutions Overview: What we have to offer!

Martial artist kicking Bob on tile mats

Hi, I'm Blake Wientge, National Sales Manager for Century Mats. If you're reading this, you're likely a martial arts school owner, gym owner, or you're thinking about becoming one and you're probably wondering how Century Mats can help you. Let me show you all of our selections to help you make the best decision for you and your facility.

puzzle mats

Let's start with the basics. Puzzle mats are one of our most popular options. They're cost effective and they come in a variety of colors and thicknesses, ranging from three quarter inch to one and a half inch thick. Puzzle mats are easily cut with a utility knife making it easy for these mats to fit any space. These mats are most often used in traditional striking disciplines and fitness based martial art classes.

rollout mats

Rollout mats are out most versatile option, perfect for any space, large or small. They can be temporarily installed, semi permanently installed, or you can install permanently. For a permanent installation we offer our custom vinyl flap system. This system allows you to connect each mat to the next with its already built-in tape. In addition to our vinyl flap system, we suggest our vinyl mat tape for either a semi-permanent or permanent solution. This tape can last over a year without needing to be replaced, and if you're wanting it to last longer, add our VLP sealant. Finally, for a temporary installation, we have our clear disposable mat tape. This mat tape is our cheapest option, plus this is the perfect solution for any mats that need to be frequently moved.

tile mats

Lastly, we have our tile mats. We offer these in both a smooth and a tatami texture. The smooth is a little bit easier to clean while the Tatami offers extra traction and is slightly more dense. Each of these is offered in a three-quarter inch and a one and a half inch thick with a 10-year warranty, and both of them are fully customizable with your logo. The final piece of your tile mat installation is going to be these oak frame kits. These oak frame kits come unstained so that you can choose the best color for your facility. These borders secure your mats in place while the pre-drilled holes make for an easy installation.

rollout wall pads

Our rollout wall pads are an affordable way to cover any wall, easily installed with a construction adhesive. Another option is our wood backed wall pads. These wall pads have a half inch thick wood, two inches of foam and an 18.5-ounce vinyl with antimicrobial built in. We have two easy installation options. The first is a one-inch lip on the top and bottom that can be secured with a screw or for a slightly more aesthetic look, we have a Z clip option. Both styles of wall pads are impact rated for your students' safety, and just like our rollout and tile mats, they are fully customizable.

pole pads

Lastly, we have our custom-built pole pads. These are custom built for any pole or I-beam, and you can add your logo. They conveniently have a Velcro enclosure, plus they're fully sewn into vinyl. Adding your business' logo, graphics or slogan is easy. Even if you don't have a logo created our artists can help in that process. I hope that this blog has answered most of your questions about Century Mats. Please don't hesitate to reach out if I can answer any more questions for you at


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