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Puzzle Mat 9 Pack Bundle - Red
Puzzle Mat 9 Pack Bundle - Red
Puzzle Mat 9 Pack Bundle - Red
Puzzle Mat 9 Pack Bundle - Red

Puzzle Mat 9 Pack Bundle - Red

SKU: 1529RK
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Transform your floor with Century’s signature Puzzle Sport Mat bundle. Crafted from ethylene vinyl acetate foam, these mats offer a plush cushion for added comfort. The puzzle-like edges allow for easy interlocking assembly and disassembly, providing a hassle-free setup process. Mix and match to create a dynamic, multi-colored floor that suits your space.

Our Puzzle Mats offer excellent shock absorption, ensuring a comfortable exercise experience while effectively safeguarding your floor and reducing noise. These mats exhibit impressive resilience and weight-bearing capacity, making them ideal even for use under heavy exercise equipment to mitigate vibrations and protect your floor.

9 Pack
SIZE: 40” W X 40” L X 0.75” T (MINIMUM)

9 puzzle mats come in each kit, and it creates just under a 10’ x 10’ area.


*Please note, there can be a slight variance from color to color, up to .25 variance and may not fit when using multiple colors. For questions about this, please Request a Quote

*Please note that all new mats have a break-in period where the surface may be slicker than expected. This is normal and will get better over time by training on and cleaning the mats*