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Tile Mats Delivery Instructions

tile mats shrink wrapped graphic

Century Tile Mats come on a pallet that is 80" Long, 48" Deep, and stacked up to 72" tall. The mats should be completely shrink wrapped, have corner protectors on all four corners, and be banded to the pallet to prevent damage and loss. Most delivery trucks that have a liftgate can lower these pallets to the ground using the liftgate and pallet jack. 

Common damage to look for:

  • Mats that are not shrink wrapped
  • Broken pallets the pallets that are the wrong size for the mats
  • Mats that are wet or look greasy or stained
  • Missing corner protectors
  • Mats that are not banded to the pallet

If you see any of these things, DO NOT SIGN for the Century Tile Mats until you inspect them and notate any damage on the paperwork that the driver takes.