NinjaTrix Single Barrier

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    Challenge your kids to come up with creative ways to get over or around the 30” tall Single Barrier! There are dozens of ways to incorporate this item into obstacle courses and parkour or martial arts training for kids of all ages. It can be attached to the NinjaTrix Carpet Bonded Foam Pad (sold separately) for a secure surface for tricks, parkour, and martial arts moves. It’s base is 24” X 48”.

    • This equipment is designed for obstacle course training under the supervision of a trained instructor.
    • This equipment is designed and intended to be attached to carpet bonded foam floor. It is not designed or intended to be used on any other type of flooring.  
    • Note: the hook fasteners on the bottom of each piece of equipment must be securely attached to carpet bonded foam floor. Check to ensure the equipment is securely fastened before each use.
     Instructors must determine if additional floor padding, for cushioning, is required for the level and types of activities performed in the establishment using this equipment